Mourinho at the roma, what remains of the special one – sport

From ‘special one’ to ‘daje roma’. Eleven years after the triplet won with the inter, jose mourinho returns to Italy. From next and for three seasons will train the roma, club like him looking for ransom.

The team for which in 2009 he had coined the now famous “zero tituli”, in controversy after a disputed rigor. But it is also his copyright of ‘special one’, as he defined the day of the presentation to chelsea: “Don’t call me arrogant, but I’m a champion of Europe and I think I’m special. A beautiful blue chair, a champions league, god, and after god, I.”

Here, this was the mourinho character then (but we talk about almost 17 years ago), which was the first weight success of his career. For detreaters the Portuguese of setubal, 58 years old, is better as a communicator than as a coach. Married, two children, his father felix played in the door in the top Portuguese series and then sat on the bench.

Lands and wins two premier leagues with chelsea (2005, 2006), two league cups (2005, 2007), a”>cup of land (2006-2007) and an English supercoppa (2005). In 2008 he arrived at the inter, leading to the victory of two championships (2009 and 2010), an Italian cup (2010), an Italian supercoppa (2008) and a champions (2010), which completes the Nerazzurri triplet. With the real madrid come the successes in the liga (2012), a cup of the king (2011) and a Spanish supercoppa (2012).

But no champions and so the ‘special one’ return to chelsea, with which wins another championship (2015) and another league cup (2015). To the manchester united wins an English supercoppa (2016), a league cup (2017) and a European league (2017). With the well-served received in mid-April from the tottenham have climbed to three consecutive dismissals suffered by mourinho in premier, putting in line those cashed with chelsea, united and tottenham.

“I’m deeply bound to the inside, but I wouldn’t have any problems training his rival in Italy,” the Portuguese said a few days ago.