Municipalities: ancona, plaque encomio to sanitary warfare for covid – brands

Doctors, nurses, operators of the sanitary structures of ancone, collaborators and volunteers, “have faced the emergency with a spirit of sacrifice and great humanity and still do not spare.” The motivation of the plaque encomio assigned by the municipality of ancona to all these people on the occasion of the civic benemerenze “ciriachini, refers to the absence of the Covid-19 and will remain “culpted in the rock”. “we will place solemn plates in the most significant sanitary wards and also in the municipal palace.

The gold medal went to the ocent president of the authority of harbour system of the Adriatic central rodolfo swampieri. “a son of the people can be useful to people,” he joked, “who is now evaluating the proposal to lead assoporti. Standing ovation of the audience for the firefighters awarded with the blessing for the dangerous and articulate intervention in the night of September 16 for the violent fire to the former tubmar at the port, an intervention continued for days.

Awarded ‘remotely’ a group of parents ‘anti-bulli’: their courageous complaint in 2019 triggered an investigation into stalking and extortion by boys persecuting other young people.