Murder bartender sassari, stopped 24 year-old guest of the killed – Sardinian

There is a stop for the death of antonio, 47 years old, of sassari, whose body was found yesterday inside the apartment where he lived alone, in livorno street in the northern Sardinian city. The Carabinieri of the operating department of the provincial command of sassari, led by the lieutenant colonel diego polio, stopped in the night claudio di Sairi, a sassarese of 24 years. The military, who performed the restraint of understanding with the deputy prosecutor Thursday, pigeddu, were looking for him from yesterday morning, when he learned of the death of Pharaoh.

According to how much investigators were able to learn, on Thursday evening the young man was his guest, but since the moment of the finding of the corpse he had lost his traces. Yesterday morning, the alarm was a victim’s nephew, surprised that antonio will not show up at work and not answer the phone. Called the firefighters, who when they discovered the bartender’s body without life, alerted the carabinieri.

The firefighters had to force the entrance door of the house, which was closed from the inside, while a second door, overlooking a courtyard, was wide open. The killer would have escaped from there, passing the courtyard and, by climbing a wall of the city, he would have dislodged from the street of Naples. He did not speak, now he is in prison – he is in the banker’s prison, in sassari, waiting for the interrogation of guarantee, claudio dissertations, 24 years old, of sassari, accused of the murder of the bartender 47 year old antonio will, whose body was found yesterday morning inside his apartment of via livorno, to sassari.

Meanwhile, the ris di cagliari continues the investigation within the apartment with the aim of clarifying the dynamics of the murder and the weapon used for the crime. It is hypothesized that antonio will have been moved with a blow to the head, but wounds caused by different objects have been found on the body.