Murder in box: killer, it was more serious error of life – lombardy

“It was the most serious mistake of my life. I destroyed a family and my life, and I will pay the consequences.” Sabbatine is accused of being the material executor of the crime, which would happen for a settlement of accounts within a round of oura.

“when I shot, I hoped I couldn’t kill him,” the 58-year-old said. And again: “I had never shot a human being before that time, even though I know the guns well. He was the one who had me in the middle of this story,” added Sabbatine to the court, chaired by Ilio mannucci pacini.

He shot the first three shots while the victim was still on the edge of his car, but the first gun jammed, so he shot another 8 with the spare gun. The next 10 May when the other two co-defendants could make spontaneous statements. Finally, the discussion of the reprehensive maura, civil party lawyers and defendant defenses.