Naiadi, the permanent mobilization of workers – abruzzo

(ansa) – fishing, 18 May – the unions launch alarm on the situation of the sports plant the naiads of fishing on the days when the pools can return to open. Meanwhile, the workers gathered in the assembly on 14 May, decided to open a permanent mobilization phase to raise awareness of all the parties involved and ask the institutions to find a way to ensure the immediate reopening of the sports center, the only solution to ensure a perspective for those who work and work within it. “more than two months after that date, the Nayad gates – declare slc cgil and fisascat cisl – continue to remain closed, we continue to attend a real ballet of responsibilities on reopening.

After almost two years by the public call that assigned temporary management, nothing changed. We are still waiting to see if there is – the unions conclude – a relaunch project”.