Naples, problem goalkeepers: Gattuso alternates Ospina and Meret with poor results

Beyond the ugly stop remedied at home against Lecce, which has reopened a crisis that appeared to be stored in the last few weeks, in the house Naples, we are talking not only on a ranking always the most complicated, but also on the choices of Gattuso for the chosen players in the field. A little questionable in the moment of success, open to criticism when the results are not ready yet, and so, with the three goals, avoided the salentini have reopened the controversy, and also on the role of the goalkeeper, now a direct comparison between Meret and Ospina.

If you look at the mere statistics, you should opt for the national colombian, that has a percentage of measures higher than the ex-Udinese (74% versus 67%) but is also linked to the candidates lower of the two (Meret over 1800 minutes played, only half for Ospina). Gattuso, for his part is trying to find a solution that gives reliability, but it seems like every time the technician needs to restart from the beginning. Against Lecce was down holder Ospina but he has been involved in three goals is not convincing.

Ospina-Meret an alternation that does not do well to the Naples

In the last nine outputs between the league and Italy Cup, the coach of the partenopei has almost scientifically alternate the two goalkeepers on the field. For Ospina the races from the owner have been against Lazio (1-0 away defeat), with Perugia and with the Lazio (Cup victories Italy), the home loss against Fiorentina (0-2) and the last ko against Lecce (2-3). To Meret the collapse with the Inter (1-3) of January, and then two wins against Juventus and against Sampdoria. With performance, up-and-down and never convincing.

The criteria of Gattuso in the choices

The preference for Ospina from Gattuso is linked to the greater ability to play the ball between the feet on the part of the colombian aspect in which Meret still needs to improve. For the patterns of the Naples of today, the intervention, and the involvement of the goalkeeper is often the determining factor, beyond the errors that can happen (see the mess of Ospina on the Property and Gattuso who will take the blame for what happened). But between the poles, in general, is the Meret to give the feeling of greater reliability.

A defense that suffers from too many goals

The problem, however, is another: the defence, with both goalkeepers on the field, in water undergoing at least a goal per game. It is a situation that happens to become by mid-December: in the last 10 outputs in total, Napoli has suffered 15 goals, managing to keep his door only saves on two occasions, both in the Coppa Italia. Too many networks for a team that wants to aim high.