Napoli-Juventus, the manifesto of the failure of the ‘Dygualdo’: rejected the trident of Sarri

At St. Paul there will be was also, and especially, the game ‘perfect’ the Naples of Rino Gattuso against Juventus, which they beat 2-1, but his ec has also put in Maurizio Sarri presenting a training unconventional forward with the trident which has an unbalanced center of gravity, and has not produced winning solutions for next. So that now, it will be more difficult to review from the first minute training that will at the same time Higuain, Kick, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The ‘betrayal’ of the median

To do it to understand it’s been the same coach for juve in the post race, when he focused on the choices made and on what can be seen in the field. Once freed Up, the team is uncoordinated, not producing the usual dangerous game and the buildings, which up to now have allowed the ball to sail in waters more quiet. A ‘toy’ that is broken in the hands of the technician, after that even against Lazio, the team had gone out rounds: “I did it because I felt it only right to attempt this solution. It could be done today because the midfielders, in recent weeks, gave the impression to support the three in front. However, when you’re wrong the game mentally, it is difficult to find criticism in the individual”

From the words of Sarri, one understands the Achilles heel for juve: if the median does not turn with the proper pace, you risk the slip. Against Napoli, the output of the two halves has been crucial, to such an extent that after 13 minutes Zielinski has broken the balance, forcing Himself to the double exchange (Costa-Bernardeschi Kick-Matuidi) but without finding more of the logic of the game.

Misperceptions about the individual

The merit of Naples, but also demonstration that the club makes to the better off without trident. Good appointment against the ‘his’ Naples, Sarri did he take the hand, has tried to capitalize on the skills of the three players stronger than that, choice theoretically taste, but has not paid off: “In the week it seemed that the midfielders could hold the solution. And also the three in front of sembavano feel good”.

The mistakes of Himself and the ‘trident’ as a last resort

However, Sarri took the wrong decisions, including the changes that have brought no benefit: Rabiot less incisive, Douglas Costa, confusing and Bernardeschi totally impalpable. The ‘true’ Juventus is seen only after the goal of Ronaldo, with a final effort to try to go to equalize, but the ideas were few and confused. The trident is must remain an extreme solution, from during the race, because the structure of the game and the characteristics of the players do not seem appropriate to support their presence for the full 90 minutes.