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Napoli-Lecce 2-3: Blue still ko at the San Paolo, between Lapadula and controversy




The Naples collect another defeat at the San Paolo, just when the season seemed to be back on track of normality. Blues fall 3-2 against a very good Lecce, generous in defence and courageous in attack. The local pass thanks to a brace Lapadula and the goal of Mancosu. Useless networks Owned and Callejon for the azzurri, furious with the referee Giua to a penalty not granted to Owned by on 1-2.

The Naples part well but does not sting

In a St. Paul full and festive as it is not usual, the Naples begins with a good attitude, master of the field, and on a good pace. The team Gattuso controls the game and keeps the Lecce enclosed in its own three quarters: the feeling that the game could unlock themselves from one moment to the other is in the air, but the Naples effort to make a reality of the dominance of the territory. Occasions, a few, are poorly exploited. And so the Lecce took advantage of it. The red carpet is showcasing ideas and quality, when possible, and find the advantage, practically the first lunge, with Lapadula good to take advantage of a brilliant short Ospina.

The courage of Lecce and the episode replays

The guest network destabilizes the Naples, which is struggling to find themselves in the last quarter of an hour the first time and is sent into the field with a dress different from Gattuso for the second half. Out Lobotka inside and Mertens, with the azzurri arranged according to a 4-2-3-1 very attacking. A choice that is immediately reflected: the Naples employs three minutes of the second half to find the equaliser at the end of a nice combination between Insigne, Mertens and Owned. It seems the prelude to a comeback easy for the hosts, but the Lecce instead of feel bad about it further courage. The team, Liverani holds well in the field and takes advantage of the intelligence of the spaces offered by the Naples. And so comes the goal, still to be signed Lapadula, who anticipates the craft Of Lorenzo on a beautiful cross of a Falcon and pierces even Ospina.

The Naples provides a new reaction, but more improvising than following a script very precise. The joint final of the race is to close to the quarter of an hour, and the final before the blues denied a penalty by Giua (which admonishes Owned for simulation, although the contact is quite obvious with Donati), then Lecce is the three of a kind with a free-kick fantastic Mancosu. And’ the blow of the final ko for the Naples, and at 90′ to shorten in the Box, but not able to avoid the sixth defeat at the San Paolo.


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