Napoli, with Mertens return to the game and goals: in the end the only spot before Barcelona

Napoli are not doing gifts and it closes the championship by beating Lazio in a real race with nervousness, tension and even an ugly scramble final. The 3-1 victory of the neapolitans, took to the field with the’11 that Gattuso has in head for Barcelona, bodes well: from one side, in the future, because it allows to close the second round in 38 points, the third performance of the Series, and that is evident in the work of Gattuso and the potential of a team that is already reinforced on the market; on the other hand, in view of the race closest to you, and more important, against the catalans, because the azzurri are in condition and have found that feeling with the goal missed in the last few weeks that it had also obscured the game and the organization views such as against Inter.

Napoli seemed to be inspired from the very first bars, probably with the approach of the race with Barcelona and has represented a motivation for a team without a number of objectives to time in the league. Beautiful the opener, with a past action several times by the defenders and the attackers outside, going easily to the vertical, for the goal of Fabian. The 36th goals of the Property, in the field, where Higuain was the first to reach the same altitude, did not disunite the match thanks to Mertens, who gave a completely different consistency to the attack with respect to the Owned of the last two races, which have gotten the penalty in the 2-1 and then in the final he embellished another action choral beautiful, serving with the assist – on the nth, after a couple not exploited by Zielinski and the Box – to a 3-1 win for Politano. The sore point is represented by the muscle injury of Insigne, to evaluate between today and tomorrow, which is to discuss why the captain of the neapolitans – who does not save and is ubiquitous in both phases – is the only one that is not managed at the level of the candidates by Gattuso in spite of the incredible effort every 3 days.