Nautical: international exhibition for 50 years of nauticsud – nautical and sport – sea

Nautical: international exhibition for the 50 years of nauticsud minopoli (mdo), in 2024 napoli capital of the Mediterraneanin 2024, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the nauticsud an exhibition of international interest involving the entire Mediterranean basin: is the project imagined by afina and shared by the leaders of the overseas exhibition (mdo), which should take shape in the next three years. “the idea is to make napoli capital of the Mediterranean of the nautical pleasure”, says the president of the overseas exhibition of remote napoli minopoli. The nautical is one of the few segments, as well as the food and pharmaceutical sector, which have not stopped and we, as owners of the nauticsud brand, we must value the sector that brings economy to the whole region by organizing the future exhibition of the exhibition.”