‘Ndrangheta:chiuse investigation for 75, there is the gothha of the thighs – calabria

(ansa) – catanzaro, 07 apr – the investigations of the epicenter maxiprocess with which the district antimafia direction of calabria reggio brought together the operations malefix, metameria and “new course”. Among the inquiries there are the leaders of the main ‘ndrangheta’ thighs. Among these the bosses carmine, orazio, paolo rosario and giorgino de stefano known with the nickname of malefix.

All have been arrested in the three investigations coordinated by the reggio prosecutor and are considered apical exponents of the respective families of ‘ndrangheta. The notice of conclusion investigations has also been notified to other members of organized crime as a serious antonio called totuccio, antonino latella and young wrinkle called craxi. The epicenter procedure is so called because it documents the most alarming criminal dynamics recorded at the edge of the strait.