New variant hemoglobin discovered by microcitemic curds – sardegna

The equipe of the hematology laboratory of the microcitemic pediatric hospital of curds, directed by dr. Susanna Barella. Identified a new variant of the hemoglobin, baptized hb oristano as, by international convention, is attributed to the new variants the name of the place of origin, or of reply. And as there is already a variant hb curds.

The discovery took place during the screening of the thalassaemias, through the instrumentation of capillary electrophoresis, from the equipe composed of dott.sse rita mancosu, heliana of happy and anna rita denotti . The diagnosis was subsequently confirmed by molecular investigation by Dr. Maria Carla Sollaino, biologa at the laboratory of genetics and genomics of the same presidio of Arnas G.Brotzu.