Next buffon team: “I will follow who is more mad than I am. I got a message…”

Ravishing gigi buffon presented itself to the microphones of the rai an hour and a half abandoned after the end of the cup ending italia. Buffon won the trophy for the sixth time in career and was also celebrated by teammates. Leaders, comrades and fans will always be part of my life.

I think I have given pride, courage, professionalism to all, towards the world juve and this I am proud of. But in life all things must end, now I am 43 years old, and if I have come to this age. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, I might even retire, I have a wonderful family, a wife I love, children I love.

But if there’s someone more crazy than me, who contacts me and calls me I could follow him. Buffon has a very linear thinking, very precise, clear. He wants to keep playing, because he’s fine and wants to live other challenges.

Buffon has received many offersthe goalkeeper of the juventus spoke of his future and without giving clues he said he had received a series of interesting proposals and in particular he had a give a manager who defined ‘more mad than me’: