Olsen and Samson overturning the Naples, Bologna was the San Paolo comeback

Incredible at the San Paolo where Napoli are remedied by the fourth end of the season, to the work of a Bologna that before it sinks and then resurfaces with the game and the courage of those who has nothing to lose. At the San Paolo the azzurri Forward (which shuffles the cards 11, the initial) are also to applause: mark immediately with Lozano (offside) then find the network with Llorente at the end of the first half. The Naples grazes over and over again is the goal, but in the shot Olsen and Samson overturning the match with the azzurri create other dangers, but are no longer able to score if not with Llorente 94′ (but was offside)

Ancelotti focuses on Lozano and Llorente

With a Saint Paul, curious to see if Napoli takes the field with the same attitude seen in the Champions League, Ancelotti melee a bit the cards and the tip is still strong on Lozano, leaving Mertens on the bench in favour of Llorente and inserting in median – Elmas airport. The hosts started off well, convinced, with rhythms high and immediately put in difficulty the Bologna that has the forward trident of Palacio, Orsolini, Samson.

Lozano goal but off side

The first roar of the San Paolo arrives at the 16′ but is choked in the throat to the fans of Napoli: action the beautiful the team of didier drogba from the left to the right free Lozano shot, with the ball goes in the ‘seven’ but it’s all negated by the position of the off side of the player of naples. It is a signal, however, indicating how the approach is right and the desire to close the match, the concrete.

Flash Dzenaili, danger for Napoli

The race remains pleasant, with the Bologna, which in the long manages to take the distances to Naples, trying to sting with the trident. 31′ San Paolo pauses for the first of the former shift: First that the limit you invent a shot on the fly that makes the beard to the stake, and leaves Ospinna marble. Danger averted, but an alarm bell of the liveliness of the team Later.

We think Llorente

At 40′ the Naples, however, is the opportunity to be successful due to a restart on the feet of the Illustrious: the captain of the Napoi are able to free on the right and closes port a diagonal poisonous that goes under the legs of Danilo and forcing Skorupski to referral to the dirt on which it pounces Llorente who scored the 1-0. Napoli is released and the end of the first half is all blue.

The Bologna changes, Skorupski exalts

The recovery begins with a change in Bologna, with Olsen, that detects Orsolini forward. The Naples continues their game and their game showing that they have in the game, but the blues don’t kick in, about Skorupski, who closes the door to the right. Allowing the felsinei to stay in the game.

Draw Bologna: Olsen is not wrong

The hoax of naples will arrive at the first real opportunity on goal of the ball to cross in the penalty area from the left, Koulibaly anticipates Palacio but also Ospinna with the ball on the carom on the right side of Olsen that on the first post does not forgive. Shake-up to the azzurri defence that a few minutes after you risk everything on another occasion, scoring with Samson stopped by a super Ospinna.

Turnaround Bologna: Samson

Napoli insists, there is also Mertens forward but wastes it all on a couple of occasions where he could find the doubling. And as often happens, a goal the wrong match goals at once:’80’ Only unwraps the chocolate for Samson in the blue area and the striker of Bologna, all of a sudden it Ospinna.

Llorente scores but is offside

The last gasp comes in a handful of seconds from the end: the Naples in the full forcing is the goal of Llorente for the 2-2 which, however, is canceled by the Var. The striker in spain at the time of the control is in an offside position and the slow motion highlights the off-side, save the Bologna, corsair, at the San Paolo.