Olympics 2021 in the spring? Bach did not rule it out: “Possibility is not only limited to the summer months”

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 have been postponed to the years next, the Games were due to play from July 24 to August 9, but the emergency coronavirus has forced the IOC and the Organizing Committee to take this painful road. The show ” the five circles shall we then dispute “not over the summer 2021” but the precise dates of the sporting event par excellence, have yet to be disclosed.

The hypothesis most logical would be to maintain the position in the heart of the summer, but it should not be excluded in advance in the spring as he wanted to clarify Thomas Bach. The President of the IOC has focused on the possible calendar as it has following Brand:

“The possibilities are not limited to the summer months, are included all the options. It is a challenge. We must consult with the 33 International Federations, we must take account of the sporting calendar, and many other issues. The priority is to hear the views of all the parties. “

Compete in the spring with the national championships and competitions the continental program will be really possible? Thomas Bach confesses not to have thought, to resign after criticism received, spoke of the agreement reached with the premier japanese Shinzo Abe to communicate the decision of the referral and commented on the importance of the Olympic Village , which hopes to maintain next year, even if the apartments are to be delivered to the new owners by September 2020:

“We want the Olympic Village is a traditional because it is what makes you unique Games. I trust the professionalism of the Organizing Committee that has already made these Games the best organized in history.”

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