Olympics postponed: for Federica Pellegrini, Russian, and Federer in 2021 becomes more difficult

The Olympic Games of Tokyo have been postponed a year. The sporting event that every fan waits for and that is also followed by those who do not chew daily sport will be held in the summer of 2021. The decision was taken jointly by the Prime Minister of japan Abe from the number one of the IOC Bach. In a year when the pandemic that involves all the world will be defeated will be even more nice to see the Olympics. However, there are a number of athletes who are disadvantaged by referral. Because a year ago the difference for those who have lived already many of an athlete. Will change, and not a little, the cards on the table, and among the many those that definitely with less joy have welcomed the postponement, even if there was no other solution, there are also Federica Pellegrini, Clemente Russo, that the qualification still does not have it, Elisa Di Francisca and Roger Federer. All of them, however, will be able to get any further in the story if you will win the olympic gold.

Federica Pellegrini, in Tokyo I’ll be there

The first Olympic games, has held in Athens in 2004, won a surprising medal, Federica Pellegrini, that Tokyo will be the Games for the fifth time. Federica was born in the month of August and this year, even if it is not cute to say, will make thirty-two years. The next year on the identity card there will be one more, and it will not be easy for the Pilgrims, in spite of his greatness, to manage another season. The sport is full of athletes who exceeded the thirty from one day to another, were not able to stay at the same high level. Of course, it is hoped that the venetian is always superlative, and I bet that so is it because the ‘Divine’ has always proved his greatness. Federica words is already battle-ready:

I have to swim for another year, I don’t want to believe it… it sounds like a joke, the fate, the coincidences…the fact is that I cannot stop swimming. I would have preferred to compete this year, but to see everything that is happening in the world and that many athletes do not have the opportunity to train would have come without being prepared, so the decision to move them to a year is right and I agree. We will prepare ourselves in the best, it is only to reprogram everything. And we hope that the physical keep beating for one more year.

Elisa Di Francisca & Clemente Russo

Two gold medals, one in 2012 and another in 2016, and a silver at the Olympics for Elisa Di Francisca, who’s 37 and in an interview with Fanpage.it had expressed its doubts about its future. Hardly the athlete jesi in 2021 will be in the platform at Tokyo. It will be harder also the way to Clemente Russo, one who in life he never gave up but in the next season, at 39 years of age, and must conquer in the ring qualifying for the fifth Olympiad, it would be an absolute record. The desire to box the Russian has it, as if it were to take part in the first Olympics of his career, the words released to Sky Sports, confirmed:

I want the fifth Olympiad, I want this record to the Guinness book of records, because, from 496 bc, no boxer has competed in five Olympic games. This is the first objective and then the gold medal that I’m missing.

Federer at the Olympics in Tokyo in 2021, from forty-year-old

Rooting or ‘just’ admires Roger Federer hopes that the swiss professional tennis player who does not retire ever. It seemed that the Games and the Tokyo 2020 could be his last big event, but that is now postponed to 2021. Federer has won everything in his career, but he has always missed the olympic gold in singles. Four times participated in the Olympics, won a silver in 2012 and gold in the double in 2008. When they will play for the Olympics will be 40 years old and in that time it will be ready to amaze and delight.