Olympics Tokyo 2020, Australia and Canada retire and ask for a referral to 2021

While the IOC has decided to delay any decision around Tokyo 2020, taking a month of time, and monitoring the health situation overall, is there anyone who has taken the of their own and announced that for this edition – in program at the end of July – will not participate. Are Canada and Australia, who have preferred to withdraw in an official way in front of the pandemic in the course and reaffirmed their position: the more Games you disputino year-to-year, in 2021.

Come, therefore, the first defections from the official party of national federations that do not intend to submit to the decision (not) taken by the IOC, that is, to postpone the Olympics to Tokyo immediately, and propose them in a year. After all, in front of the medical emergency and the present is a choice, that already in the other disciplines is taken, as in football where Euro2020 is, in fact, become Euro2021, which was postponed a year, as well as the Copa America has been postponed to the next summer. Choices due, you need, at a time when you still do not know the margins of increase and decrease of the contagion from Covid19.

Canada appeals to the good sense

The official press Release canadian point the finger on issues of “public health”: “it is not just the health of athletes,” – reads the note – “nothing is more important than the health and safety of the athletes and the world community”. The decision on the postponement contrasts with the current directives, continues the press release, coming against the restrictions on preventive health care. Canada stresses, the total support to the Cio for the reorganization of the event: “we offer our full support to help deal with all the complexities that would involve reprogramming the Games”

Australia and the values of sport

The same principle in the communiqué australian, which appeals also to the principles of the Olympic Games: “when the world will convene at the Tokyo Olympics will be a true celebration of the values of sport and humanity.” The australian Government has emphasised the incompatibility of thinking to the Olympics, now that everyone, athletes included, are respecting the isolation for an indefinite period: “our athletes should now give priority to their health and that of those around them, must be free to return to their families”