Olympics Tokyo 2020 postponed to 2021, the announcement of Japan: “The IOC is in agreement 100%”

In the last few days by several parties asked for the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 because of the pandemic that is affecting the world. The CIO, in the person of president Bach, had always refused this hypothesis, but in the last few hours opened to the referral before being almost forced after the lump-official Australia and Canada, and the request of the american federation of athletics, and this was followed by the words In a videoconference, they discussed the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the president of the IOC, Bach, and in the end the decision was to postpone the Tokyo Olympics. The Premier japanese has requested the referral and the IOC has said yes.

Returned to the Tokyo Olympics 2020

It was almost obvious this decision, and there was no need to wait, for a few weeks to decide the fate of the Tokyo Olympics 2020. In the conference call wanted by the Premier japanese Shinzo Abe and the president of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, to which also took part the governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike, and the chairman of the organising Committee for Tokyo 2020, Yoshiro Mori. Abe has officially requested to postpone the Olympic Games and the IOC has agreed, postponed, of course, also the Paralympic Games.

The Olympic Games in Tokyo will be held in 2021

When the referral is going to become a reality were made some hypothesis about possible new date of the Games. There was talk of a move slightly, from the original date 24 July – 9 August to September, or even November – a date that appealed to the japanese, also considered the climate of that period. But in the end it was decided that the Olympics will be held, as always, in summer, in the next. So appointment for everyone in Tokyo, but in the summer of 2021.