Opens the waterfront of reggio c,. falcomatà ‘historical moment’ – calabria

(ansa) – reggio calabria, 22 mag – the new waterfront connecting the waterfront falcomatà and the port area has been inaugurated in reggio calabria. Today the ceremony willed by the mayor ff of the Nino Spirlì region, the president of the anci and mayor of bari antonio decaro, and the governor of the michele emiliano. “a work – said falcomity – that gives value to this moment that is in its historical way.

A city on the sea that turns into a seaside town. No longer seen as a threat, but as an element of cultural contamination, in terms of development, economic, social, productive and tourist prospects. ” “this seafront, the place of identity of reggio – said Spirlì – stretches, enriches itself with a new pearl, a new place of meeting and relationships.

And if it was the most beautiful kilometer of Italy, now its beauty has doubled. Finally the waterfront takes life and assumes that importance it should have since the first moment. I hope that foreign visitors and tourists can enjoy this beauty in more offer from the calabria. ”

With good directors we can keep our back straight and prove that we can do important operations and central authorities are forced to trust us.” “We are here because we are friends of the calabria, friends of reggio, friends of the mayor falcomatà – said michele Emilia – is a day of celebration, and what do you do?