Opera cagliari: haydn and mozart for resumption season concerts – Sardinian

Turn on the lights to the lyric of curds for another evening of music with the emotion of returning to the room. After the great joy of returning to the theatre for the paschal donizetti donizetti directed by antonio Albanian, last night the spectators were enchanted by the evocative pages of haydn and mozart. The public has manifested with prolonged and warm applause the enthusiasm for the sharing of the concert season and the live appreciation for a concert of great quality, brio and intensity.

Great protagonist, at ease in the double role of conductor and soloist cello, nicolas altstaedt, on his debut on the podium of the theater of the Cagliari. Opening the first concert for cello and orchestra of haydn, a work of great charm between brilliant and challenging passages and happy musical inventions. 35 called haffner of mozart and culminates in a hymn of thanksgiving, the te deum for choir and orchestra of haydn.

The audience was entirely occupied by the wooden platform of 200 square meters that houses the orchestra and the technical audio/light systems.