Palinuro white balloons for small margarita – campania

(ansa) – climb, 23 mag – a flight of white balloons accompanied by the sound of the clacsons of hundreds of motorcycles. So the community of a hundred-year-old (salerno) greeted margarita, the four-year-old girl who died yesterday in palinuro while walking a hiking path along with her parents, three little sisters and the little brother. The lucania vallo prosecutor has opened a file in which, at the moment, they are not investigated.

The investigations, coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Antonio Pizzi, were delegated to the captain of port of palinuro, led by the Franciscan federal command of the king. Military and pm on yesterday’s day heard the parents of the little girl who told what happened in those tragic moments. According to a first margarita reconstruction, as he walked the path of the forts, he suddenly moved away, finding on his way the overhanging.

After the external examination, the body was released, so that family members can also arrange their return to Germany.