‘parcovie 2030’, cycloves and walks to point to the monk – abruzzo

“parcovie 2030 – said sighs – is a pilot project that we hope will add other strategic regions, such as lazio and calabria. Our goal is to trace millenary routes, to connect to these paths all cultural, tourist, environmental and food and wine fields; drawing, through tracts and routes of transhumance, the millenary history of our regions from north to south. I thank my colleagues for allowing us to be a leader region – he said still sighs – since we were in a previous strategic step, when in a bogotà the transumanza obtained the recognition of unesco immaterial heritage.

Clearly, by being able to trace these routes, we will also apply to unesco material recognition. We will make of this great path not only the narration of millennia, but we will trace a new paradigm of development of internal areas and villages.”