Parma-Lazio 0-1, decides on a goal by Caicedo. Inzaghi is at -1 from Juventus

Lazio finds success, beats 1-0 to Parma and take a single point from Juventus. Inzaghi can not hide any more. The team lazio’s fight for the scudetto. The meeting has not been decided by Property, but by his mercy, becoming more and more protagonist. Crucial also the other end of the Strakosha.

The goals of Felipe Caicedo

In port D’aversa confirmation Doves, at the centre of the attack, there is Cornelius, out Kulusevski. Caicedo joins Motionless, on the bench Correa. From the beginning, even Jony and Marusic. The game in the first half hour is extremely tactical, the two teams do not play in the mirror, but they have so many midfielders in the field. Caprari, arrived at the end of the market, we offer and what you can see from Strakosha forced to make a fine intervention. In the end of the half Lazio to change pace and accelerate. The team of Inzaghi unable to find the goal with Caicedo at 41’. Luis Alberto triggers allthe Spanish crosses towards the middle, the Building wins a duel with the physical body the ball comes to the american south by two steps he realizes the eighth goal in the league. There seems to be a phallus of the hands of the top-scorer of Serie A, the VAR says that it’s all smooth, 1-0.

According to the fast time and many occasions

In the recovery Acerbi has undergone a chance, that does not take advantage, then there is a forcing total Parma that for about ten minutes, put on the strings for Lazio, who risks a lot on at least three occasions, Cornelius is not the best, and the lack of the tips you see and a lot to the team Of Aversa, who sends in the field, the returning Kulusevski, that after having signed for Juve has not shown all his talent. Inzaghi responds with Correa and Lazzari. The last twenty minutes are very beautiful, because the two teams will attack without hesitation and leave spaces. The best opportunity, at the end of an action drumming, it has the Parma Gagliolo, who from a good position, and undisturbed, but in his evil. Luis Alberto delights with a shot of the heel, and a passage illuminating, but the bis lazio does not arrive, this is the fault of a Property in the evening no, the second successive match after cleaning. 91’ huge controversy for a retention of the Immature on Cornelius, it is not a foul to the referee, and the VAR even him again. The Lazio win 1-0, half a step.