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Pavoletti explains the accident: “I Was joking with Cigarini, no fight”




Leonardo Pavoletti has intervened in the press conference to explain the details of his new injury. The striker will be forced to make an extra long stop, confirmed that they had done evil in the occasion of the dinner of the team, disproving the rumors of a fight with a teammate: “I’m sorry, are outputs things which are not true, on the alleged brawls and fist fights with other players”

Leonardo Pavoletti explains the injury in the press conference. The bomber is hurt, joking with Cigarini

Leonardo Pavoletti, in a joint press conference with the mate Cigarini, has explained the dynamics of his curious injury. His knee did still crack on the occasion of a dinner to the team: “come Out from the restaurant, we start to fool around and push us. I was with Ciga, who is here with me in conference and we have a special relationship. The other guys call us because it is the time to go. I turn and gives way to the knee, I find myself to the ground without a why

Pavoletti denies fight with other companions of Cagliari

Confirmed, so the rumors about an injury in the extra-training for the bomber that he has categorically denied the rumors in connection with alleged fights with teammates and in particular with the Box. These are the words peremptory of Pavoletti: “I’m sorry, are outputs things which are not true, on the alleged brawls and fist fights with other classmates. The dinner of the team I organized I am, because we are doing very well and I was happy to be in a month from the recovery. I wanted to bring joy to the team. It all started to chatter. It seemed that had happened who knows what. If you get these news stories tell us who the says, seems to be the Big Brother. It made us sick. They also put in the middle of the Box, that did nothing”.

Bolt from the blue for Pavoletti

A bolt from the blue for Cagliari and Pavoletti, who now will evaluate together what to do, after the second serious knee injury: “Now I have to figure out if you return to the same surgeon or to evaluate other solutions, is something that hurts me and the team. Now I want to focus on my path. It was a bolt from the blue, not zoppicavo and I don’t think I broke my knee. Only on Monday we had the response

Cigarini confirms the words of Pavoletti

Also Cigarini to this side of Pavoletti has clarified the dynamics of the incident, confirming the words of the companion: “We are here to clarify a situation that sees interested me and Leonardo. Has nothing to do with Birsa, Olive oil, or champions doubled their advantage. We have read your comment, amazing were said many things that are not true. We are sorry, because we are told too much. I want to reiterate that there was no kind of fight, those who know us, the relationship we have. Are outputs too many things from people who do not know”.


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