Perplexing: “Arthur? Once Juve would have taken without selling Up”

The director Mario Perplexing spoke of the issues of the day TMW Radio, during the Maracana. Here are his words:

Bet on Lazio or not in this final stage of the championship?
“He will decide Himself, seeing him train. It surprises me that Juve had wanted to Arthur, who is a good player, it would have taken, without giving Up. And this makes me think. And’ a particular moment of economic difficulty”.

The cycle finished at Juventus? Ronaldo could go away at the end of the season?
“I don’t know. According to me the departure of Ronaldo would not be a great problem. He solves many problems but creates some large. Juve would have the margins to take another great player. This is the season the most delicate. There has been strong growth in the Lazio region, the more reduced the Inter, Napoli is back, while the season’s Juve is continued on some errors precise. It is a team that has yet to qualify for the quarter-finals of the Champions league. There have been signals of objective they said that he has problems, but can solve them”.

Naples, De Laurentiis at this stage is trying to bring back a bit of serenity in the environment:
“And’ a great president, is one of the few that keeps active its company without spending too much. The Naples has become a big company because it has been managed in a perfect manner”.

What do you think of the situation of Genoa and Sampdoria?
“Precious, in its management turmoil, has always managed to stay in Serie A with Genoa. And it is a big result. There is a limit: the city of Genoa, the stronghold of the industrial triangle Turin and Milan, cannot sustain two teams. They could agree, they would make a great team. So instead they make two good teams.”

If Roma wins with ac Milan, it can still be the candidate for the fourth place?
“There is also the Naples. There are still 11 games, are teams that have the ability to lose points along the way. I don’t think that the San Siro is a match from inside or outside. If the Rome to go and nine points from Atalanta, then they would be much to recover.”