Perplexing: “Neymar is the strongest in the world. Friedkin is an opportunity for the Roma”

To the microphones of TMW Radio spoke with the director Mario Perplexing, during the Maracana, to talk about the current affairs of football and to comment initially, the passage of the turn of the PSG. These are his words:

You appeared fearful the Leipzig against PSG?
“Enough. They played like they do but in the end, PSG has put them under. At times seemed to want to do something but I have seen little concrete, even because the PSG now has an experienced team, and formed for the Champions League. Also, I believe that Neymar is the strongest player in the world at the time, after a period hard enough between injuries and personal problems.”

Have you seen a Neymar changed compared to when you arrived in France?
“By the arrival of Mbappè I saw a Neymar changed in the positive. The two have become quite close and I noticed that in the final of the French Cup, where the brazilian has put the medal to his team mate when he was injured. I see it also changed the attitude because it helps all the other students, while on the role play more as a second striker. Now it reminds me much more than Pelé.”

The couple Lautaro-the Minute we can define it the most complete?
“If it is not the best in the world is the second. They have scored more than 50 goals in two, and the numbers are considerable. In this pair I see the class, speed and understanding. Between the two, however, the most important is the Baggies because it does turn the whole team. A key point is the physical strength and the field can be devastating, however Lautaro is more of a finisher.

The baggies against Juve is gone, why?
“He found a strong opponent and the most in the form of Inter in that period. You probably suffer from opponents like Bonucci or De Ligt.”

With the Park on the bench, the steak may be placed among the top 6 in the league or is it a utopia?
“Not just the purchases of Fiorentina, but also those who will do the other suitors. I don’t think it is late with the shopping, all the more reason that the market has been affected by the situation linked to the Covid-19.”

How do you think you can change the Rome of Friedkin?
“I think this is a serious group that always tries to do the things well done. The Rome has never had a president with such a rich and structured. I hope that people leave him work in peace, because you expect only spend enough, but that’s not the way it works. However, for Rome, Friedkin is a great opportunity.”

Do you think that Totti and De Rossi are the figures the right to bring back a bit of the roman in Rome?
“If reports that the roman world, an important part of the history of Rome goes very well and is easy to refer to them, but if they have to come in to put his mouth anywhere and do the masters of the situation. Know this, but every so often a comparison never hurts.”

As a comment, this release of Liverani?
“I think there have been inconsistencies of the market, with the company, because it had also proposed a three-year contract. Will surely receive other proposals from other teams but I think that for the time being will be stopped, also because the team training camps are starting.”

Giampaolo can raise the Torino?
“Giampaolo is a man good and a coach capable; I believe that in this Turin quite lost will give the team the right motivation in order to be reborn.”