Perplexing: “Sarri victim: the Juventus has given the team the wrong”

The director Mario Perplexing , so spoke to TMW Radio of the bench of Juventus and of the results obtained so far by mister Sarri: “Sarri was more victim who is guilty of Juventus, has been given a team in the wrong way. Count the Inter has received so much, and he did something, but also something wrong.

Even in the event of bankruptcy, Sarri should be confirmed. What do you think?
“It would be a good program but I don’t know how it would be acceptable. Juve is usually very sensitive if it loses in the Champions league. If the were to lose sharply, then the company distanzierebbe markedly from Sarri. Certainly there is that is a team wrong for Himself. Furthermore, it takes too many goals in this Side, there is something that should not be at the schema level”.

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