Playoff Series C. The former D’alessandro: “Reggiana is at the top. Great merits to Alvini”

A two-year period, not recent (from 2009 to 2011), Reggiana, and a passion, a love that never faded. Over the years, Matthew D’alessandro continues to follow the fate of the grenade, and, in view of the semifinal playoffs, the mics of have contacted the player for an opinion.

Wrap a bit of tape, thinking about the path of Reggio emilia: what team have you seen this season?
“I have seen the Utd to the top, the season has been good. In summer, parties in delay with the construction of the team, but then offset to a great start, and the merit also goes to the Alvini, had already done well with the Albinoleffe and the Tuttocuoio but this year was really the maximum. Of course, in the race of Monday, it has been seen that physically the stop has recorded, the two great occasions of the match, has had the Power, but at the level of values, the semi-finals is more than deserved”.

Opponent’s turn-of-the Novara: to the games more on the legs can make the difference?
“The Novara is the actual presence of the playoffs, on paper this was the least favorite of the Carpi, but it arrived very well in the match, with a good physical condition and with high quality. It will be a tight race, as all, enough to see the ones that have already been played”.

You can arrive at the B Reggiana?
“In my opinion, the final will be in Reggio emilia and Bari, and I hope that is the Direction the winner, for the championship fact: let’s not forget that it is a training for new, promoted. Deserves so much, for the hunger and the desire of football that also belong to the entire city.”

Extra Reggiana. There are currently six released: what you expect from your future?
“At least one project in the D Series, I would like to find it, even though I won’t deny that I’d also like to return to C. With my agent we are searching for the right solution.”