Pnalm, fauna in transit and highways, ‘alzare barrier’ – abruzzo

In the past the same black cherry, with a satellite radiocollar” recalls the pnalm, had crossed several times the highway to reach vegetable gardens, chickens, orchards near carrito. “this happened has rightly placed an entire territory on the alert”, we read in the note in the park, “an emphasis on the enormous risk that the road infrastructure constitutes for the fauna, considering that also deer and roe deer easily skip the perimeter structure about 120 cm high”. The park has therefore drafted and forwarded, to the competent ministries and on the street of the spa parks, a design card “which is considered persecutable in relation to the urgency character”.

The last aspect is the opportunity, by the dealership company, to draw the attention of the users with bright messages on the panels near the cocullo toll, in the direction of roma, and of the toll of the fish to fish.