Porsche cayenne turbo soon in super-suv anti urus version – tests and news

porsche does not renounce his leadership in sports models and after the last (and exciting) evolutions of the iconic 911, he is prepared to regain the podium in the world of super-suv with an unpublished version of the cayenne. The result should be a time of only 3.4 seconds to take from 0 to 100 km, i.e. 0.2 seconds faster than urus lamborghini and cayenne turbo s E-hybrid.

Is based on the current cayenne turbo coupé, but it has been designed and developed even more resolutely to provide the maximum in terms of longitudinal and lateral dynamics. In addition to a number of other improvements for all control and chassis systems, the active rollio porsche dynamic chassis control system (pdcc) contributes decisively to the stability of the new cayenne model. Its manoeuvrability is also improved by the presence of a completely renewed avantrene.

“compared to the cayenne turbo coupé – kern states – the front wheels are now wider than half an inch and the negative camber has been increased by 0.45 degrees to provide a wider contact area for 22-inch sports tires developed specifically for this model. ” After testing drives in hockenheim walter röhrl commented “the car remains incredibly stable even in fast curves and steering is extremely accurate. More than ever, you have the feeling of sitting on a compact sports car rather than on a big suv.”