Ports: Ancona,new dock 22 goods also for cargo 200 mt – ports and logistics – sea

Ports: ancona, new dock 22 goods also for cargo 200 mt after 5 years work. The load capacity is up to 50 tons per square meter: new structure made on a metal palank with tubular poles close to the old stacked stones; below, a reinforced concrete conglomerate on foundation poles of depth up to 28 meters. To counter the seismic thrusts, it is anchored to the ground with 45 inclined steel rods 45 meters long inserted with advanced drilling system and injection of special mortars.

The dock, equipped with all the functional furnishings to operation and mooring, has been raised 2 meters from the sea level. During the work, many beams and other residual objects from the Second World War were found.