Ports: msc cruises confirmation departures from ancona – brands

(ansa) – ancona, 29 Apr – msc cruises confirms departures from ancona for the summer 2021: splendid msc, one of the most modern ships of the fleet, will sail from the Doric port every Sunday, from June 13th, for weekly itineraries towards Greek, Croatian, Montenegro, bari and Trieste and will be the ship from the biggest cruise ever arrived in the Marche. The confirmation of the programming during a meeting near the region makes between the council member francesco baldelli, the president of the authority of harbour system of the Adriatic central rodolfo giampieri, the contr admiral enrico moretti, commander of the captain of port of ancona, and a representation of msc crociere. The ship adopts, like the other of the fleet, the protocol of health and safety developed by msc cruises.

Thanks to this protocol, a “fertile bottle” is created on board the ship within which the crocieristi remain for the entire duration of the journey, including excursions to the ground.