Premier League 2020/21, all verdicts: chelsea and liverpool in champions league

Last day of premier league that appeared with some verdicts long written: city champion, united second. Sheffield united, west brom and fulham. The 38th day, therefore, put the definitive hierarchy for champions, europa league and conference league.

Champions league: liverpool and chelseaIn addition to Man.City and Man.United, the champions league qualifiers are liverpool and chelsea. The team of tuchel in fact goes in champions only thanks to the victory of the tottenham on the field of the leicester. An advantage that the foxes had also today because until a quarter of an hour from the end they led for 2-1 on the tottenham.

Then 3 goals of chelsea in the final and goodbye dreams of glory. Sixth is the west ham, winner 3-0 on the southampton; while the seventh is the tottenham, which guarantees the uefa conference league, holding behind a dot the Arsenal rivals (2-0 on brighton.)