Radio in the covid departments to follow the Mass of Easter – Umbria

(ansa) – perugia, 03 apr – fifteen radios for as many rooms of the Covid-19 department of the internal medicine of the hospital “san giovanni battesta” of sewer, in order to allow the sick to follow the Mass of Easter. Is the initiative created by the primary patoia and the co-ordinator valentina honors, in collaboration with the broadcaster folk radio umbra people. Tomorrow, patients will be able to listen live to the celebration of the bishop of Orvieto-Todi and apostolic administrator of sewerage, mons.

The appointment is for 18.30, when the health of the “san john beater” will tune the devices on the frequencies of radio people umbra. In recent days, Dr. Patoia and his staff had purchased 15 radio dab, which will be accessed in the hospital rooms. “the uncertainty of the future, knowing that the disease can worsen from one minute to another and bring you to death – commented on patoia – is psychologically devastating.

“to be close to people and to make everyone feel an integral part of the territory always represent our way of acting” said fabio luccioli, director of the radio station folkignate.