Raiola, the bomb of the market: “On Pogba wouldn’t mind to return to Juventus”

Signals it has already sent so many, and now comes another very heavy. Mino Raiola, the San Siro, where Milan-Juve in the Coppa Italia, has declared that Paul Pogba wants to come back to play with Juventus: “Italy is his second home and then Juve need a midfielder as strong as him”. The agent has also talked about Ibrahimovic, de Ligt and Donnarumma, which should renew with the rossoneri.

Paul Pogba wants Juve

An opening strong that of Mino Raiola, who bluntly said that the midfielder of Manchester United can not wait to return to Turin, after going away in the summer of 2016. The midfielder, world champion with France after Euro 2020 could leave the Premier League:

As for Ibra, even for Pogba, Italy is a second home, and he wouldn’t mind coming back to Juve, but we’ll talk about it after the European. He wants to compete at the highest levels, but not certainly can not get away now if things don’t go well.

The lord Ibra and de Ligt

After there is the technical of Juventus: “The game Examples we’ve not yet seen, and I don’t know why”, Raiola has spoken of the duel between the two ‘his’ players Ibrahimovic and de Ligt, a generational clash between a striker of 1981 and a defender class 1999:

Zlatan against Matthijs was an exciting duel for me. I see a new era come in and an era that is to last over even though it might last for 10 more years. Of course, for De Ligt would have been better to have a professor Chiellini in the side, because it is difficult to be thrown immediately to the sea. Ibra, The sky is The limit.

The renewal of Donnarumma

Does not want to return to the chaos of three years ago Raiola, who does not speak of the renewal of the Fair, but at the same time makes you understand that things may change next summer, exactly after the Europeans when the games could start again:

We don’t want to make a fuss. It is not the time to talk about renewal. Donnarumma is good, it is quiet and has a contract. It is important for Milan, then there will be the European. We also see what they want to do the second half.