RBN, shaving horse: “Serie A? Difficult to leave, I would think the next season”

Interviewed by Radio Intercepts, in the course of ‘Style Juventus’, the former juventus Sergio shaving horse , and he said on the moment experienced by our Country: “I am a Cream because they are there, they are right in the hub that started it all. Rightly, we are all at home and believe that the only way you can solve things”.

On the championship: “In this time, it becomes difficult to talk about football, a couple of weeks ago I talked about it and there was still quite clear on the situation, in fact I was inclined to a championship that ended. Today, it becomes difficult. Every day I get calls that notify me that friends are dead, even if the championship were to start from may become a thing forced, and then unkind, and unpleasant also for the fans of football. This virus is leaving really the sign. You should really start thinking about next year. It is a blow to all companies, but we are facing something that is bigger than the sport. You have to think about the next season.”

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