Reggina, with Lafferty rises to 26 the over in pink. Will be at least eight starters

With the arrival of Menez and Lafferty, announced today, rooms to increase to 26 the number of american over (born before 31 December 1996) in the rose of Reggina, which will necessarily to prune part of the team that led to the B-Series: for the regulation of the Alloy B, in fact, can not be recorded and to use more than 18 players over.
They will then be eight of the starters, if not more, but from this base has compiled a list of the names of the players over:

DEFENDERS (6): Loiacono, Bertoncini, Red, Gasparetto, Blondett, Trademarks
MIDFIELDERS (11): Garufo, Rolando Bianchi, De Rose, De Francesco, Nielsen, Sounas, Bellomo, Rubin, Liotti, Zibert
FORWARDS (8): Denis, Armor, Doumbia, Sarao, Reginaldo, Menez, Lafferty, Baclet