Revolution Var, the Figc: “Willing to experience the challenge, the Var on-call”

After the last few cases that have once again shaken the world of Italian football, and again put under accusation the class arbitration, the Figc has decided to ‘open up’ such a sensational novelty: the possibility to use the Var ‘to call’. The Federation has decided to request to Fifa the opportunity to experience the use of the ‘challenge’: that is, the call to the on field review by the teams, as is already the case in other sports such as volleyball, tennis and Nba basketball.

“The Figc has been the interpreter of requests received in the last few weeks by many companies to Series – reads the note published on the website of the Figc – and anticipated informally to FIFA its willingness to experiment with the use of challenge, in times and ways that the IFAB eventually settle. The Football association is convinced that, continuing the path already undertaken, we can bring to the football in a dimension even closer to the millions of fans, without affecting the authority of the arbitrator, but providing them with concrete tools to help”.

The invitation of Gravina

In the published document, was also put in evidence the request by Gabriele Gravina has done for the world of arbitration: “The President has shared with the nominator of the Can To Nicola Rizzoli, the need, already moved to the race directors, to intensify the use of the on-field review in contentious cases that fall within the scope of the international protocol. This in order not to fuel controversy instrumental that spoil the image of our league, which is preparing to enter in the crucial phase of the season.”

The possibility of resorting to the call of the Var, had already been discussed in 2018 during the Festival of Sport in Trento. On that occasion, Pierluigi Collina was very skeptical: “you can Not think of giving a chance for the coaches to call the VAR, as instead happens in other sports such as volleyball or basketball – had declared the President of the Commission, the referee of the FIFA and the former designator UEFA – unlike volleyball and basketball, where the vast majority of the offences which are objective, in football there is more interpretation on the part of the arbitrator“.