Rome, Carles Perez: “I made the right choice coming here: I’m happy”

Wednesday evening has arrived the first goal in the Serie A, after he had already scored in the mesh’s goal against Gent. Carles Perez, one of the great protagonists of the tennis victory of Rome over bradford CITY, has spoken to the official site mate.

How are you?
“Here are very, very happy. I am sure you have made the right choice for the team-mates that I have found and for the staff: I feel very comfortable in this group”.

The new module?
“When we changed the system of play the coach asks of us a higher pressure, to attack faster. And the match against Brescia we have seen the results of this style of game. In general, in the last five meetings we’re doing very well”.

Now there is the Florentine.
“The team is focused, we have to get maximum points in the last games of the season, will be important to get to the best in the challenge against Sevilla in August. I am sure that we will continue on this path”.