Rome, the question, Pedro not only tear Petrachi-Pallotta. There is De Sanctis as the new ds?

The relationship between the Roma and the ds Gianluca Petrachi is always the most difficult and the last few days have exacerbated the situation. So much so that – if there will be a clarification – you may also arrive at the divorce. Yesterday, reaffirms The Gazzetta dello Sport – for someone there would be a phone call between the ds and Pallotta (with the help of a translator) that would fly big words. Phone call, however, that Pallotta has denied bollandola with a nice “fake”. In Rome, however, the interview Petrachi has released to the Sky days ago is not liked, especially after the club has supported the ds all the way. Petrachi, however, for its part, is asking what is his weight on the inside of the club.

The question-Pedro – Petrachi, among other things, they think they have in hand, Pedro. And would like to close it soon. Pallotta, however, for now she would not have even given the ok, first of all the Rome has to place some supplies, starting from external attack. And also this continues, The Gazzetta dello Sport – would be one of resolving the current problems of the ds, the fact of not having the hands free to do the market that would want to.

De Sanctis pro-tempore? – In this situation it is clear that the whole could precipitate from one moment to another. Even if the break does not agree to any of the two parties, for mutual interests (Petrachi has a contract until 2022 to more than a million euros per season). However, in the case it came in, is ready Morgan De Sanctis (pro-tempore?), that so far has worked in club prior to as theme manager and then as vice ds.