Round, pink caravan in the heart of the sisma – cycling

(ansa) – ancona, 13 mag – the Italian tour passes in the heart of the seismic crater of the center of Italy. 23 are well, among which a dozen of the most affected, the common earthquakes that will be crossed today and Monday by two stages of the pink caravan. That of Monday, May 17, from the eagle to sewer, will touch, instead, always in the crater sisma 2016, the lay municipalities of anthropodic, rude, revolutions, rieti, velino, castelsant’angelo and arrone and spoleto in umbria.

Another 2 thousand are the buildings in the municipalities crossed by the Monday stage, from the eagle to sewer, where it is based among other things, the special office for the reconstruction of the humbria”. “compared to 2018, when the Italian tour crossed part of the crater – says the commissioner legnini – today the situation is quite different, because the reconstruction actually left”. “of these – he says again – about half, 1.210, they concluded with the delivery of the houses to the families who lived there”.

It is also remembered that in the whole crater of the earthquake 2016, which includes 138 municipalities in the regions of Abruzzo, lazio, brands and Umbria, the houses made inacable by the earthquake are 80 thousand.