Ryanair forced to land in minsk and opponent is arrested – last hour

From what emerges from the first reconstructions, what happened is in fact unprecedented and has all the air to be a great-style operation of the kgb, the secret services of minsk. Protasevich, according to what nexta reports, before boarding had the suspicion of being followed. Then, when the aircraft was near the borders with the lituania (but in the Belarusian air space,) the parapilla was taken.

The airport of minsk has in fact declared that the plane is landed after launching a bomb alarm and that they were the pilots themselves to ask for the landing. A MiG-29 fighter of the Belarusian air forces was taken off to escort the flight to minsk. According to a telegram channel held near lukashenko, Belarusian president “in person” would have given the order to land the plane to minsk.

The leader in exile of the Belarusian opposition, svetlana tikhanovskaya, pronounced words of fire: “the regime – he wrote on twitter – forced the plane landing in minsk to arrest the journalist and activist raman pratasevich. And from all the main stationary, from Paris to Berlin, from London to Rome.