Sages, in budapest to relaunch European renaissance – europa

The three leaders – insists the same source – have insisted on the need for a real “European renaissance” to overcome the health and economic emergency. They shared a new idea of Europe, based on concrete themes from common roots, health, work, safety and renewal. With today’s summit – the league concludes – starts a path to give an alternative view to that of a European bureaucratic union and far from the citizens.

There will be other appointments, including leaders of other parties and other governments, as well as representatives of civil society from entrepreneurs and intellectuals. “We agree on more Europeans, on defence of borders and life. So matteo salvini a budapest.

“We propose ourselves as an alternative historical nucleus to the left, without limits, with goal of being the first.” “We must fight against this epidemic which has shown all the inefficiency of the European elite – it continued -. We have reasoned how to vaccinate, cure and save lives because after the drama there may be a resurrection. ”

“There are great challenges, there is an Islamism at the doors that must find in the values ue an argin. We leave criticism to others, we put the right to life and the right to work at the centre. I would steal the American declaration the right to happiness, it is a sign of hope.

“Let us solve the European Union for the purchase of vaccines. Thus the Hungarian premier viktor orban, during the press conference, after the meeting with sages and morawiecki, according to the alloy. “We want the European renaissance – it has continued orban -.

Our position on Europe is this: there are millions of citizens without political representation, having the chosen ppe to stand by making cooperation with the left. Christian Democrats have no representation and we work to give them a voice.” We represent the values of the traditional family and we stand against communism, against anti-Semitism, against illegal immigration.

It will depend on the pandemic, probably we will see ourselves in varsavia and then also in roma. The right – it has concluded orban – has not extremists and we will prove it. “It is necessary to lay the foundations for a new Europe.

I really like the idea of saving matteo on European Renaissance. Thus the Prime Minister of Poland mateusz morawiecki, after the meeting with Matteo salvini and viktor orban in budapest, according to the alloy.