San vito di normanni: inaugurated the stele of the redeemed – Leslie Thompson

Was significantly revealed on the morning of holy Saturday – day of silence between the rage of passion and joy of resurrection – the stele of the redeemed, a permanent artistic installation site specific (i.e. Thought specifically) for the church of holy mary of piety to Saint vito of the Normans. It is a panel that will periodically host the images of the most forgotten chronicle and a brief reflection or prayer on the theme of human suffering.

Sometimes it also became a burial place for those who were now dying. It was therefore natural that this church was dedicated to the virgin of pain. Today this place – in 2007 granted in comfortable use by the diocesan curia to the municipality of san vito for the conservative restoration and artistic enhancement – has lost its original functions, without ever being dissatisfied.

It is therefore understood the social and symbolic value of this initiative which, beyond its religious matrix, the Municipal Councillor for Culture wanted to marry and promote, for the very many cultural value. Today as yesterday, in the many holy Saturdayspress release – editorial responsibility