Saponara remembers Astori: the news of death, the shock of the team and his great lesson

Davide astori‘s death still represents a pain too strong for the Italian football world, for fans and for all those who knew the defender of Fiorentina. As Riccardo Saponara, today in La Spezia, that tragic morning of 4 March 2018 lived every moment of that terrible event. The former violet recalled with a letter published on ‘Changeworks’, a long reflection on his relationship of friendship with Astori.

A perfect feeling that went beyond the bond created within the dressing room and that allowed Saponara to mature so much under all points of view. “Thanks to you, I realized that football is a part of life and that just balance out of the field that leads you to face your profession more positively.” In the letter written by Saponara in the memory of Astori, 3 years after his death, there is everything.

From the perfect description of the personality and character of the #13 issue of Fiorentina, to its determination in the field and out. Saponara remembered every little detail of that tragic morning at the Hotel Là di Moret in Udine where Astori lost his life. The unbelief, anger and despair at the news of the death of their captain, marked that day and all the rest of the season.

He had a broken voice, I couldn’t understand his answer. Get out of the window to get me closer to him. Maybe I’ve heard it before, but my brain refused to receile it, to enclosure it, to accept it.

Like an impulse that leads to a clean rejection. Saponara tells above all her very first sensations once she learns the news. I asked him to repeat a second time, and he did.”

The current player of La Spezia tells above all the moment when he arrived in his room with Laurini before the arrival of Stefano Pioli: “Someone knocked at the door of our room. I opened with the strength of those who lost their own ego, of those who are not master of their own body for a few seconds. Astori’s death is a time that will take forever with him, but above all Saponara emphasizes that the captain of Fiorentina was fundamental to his growth path able to impart a great lesson in life: “You left me a higher maturity – says Saponara in the letter – those with whom I live football today.

Thanks to you, I realized that it is precisely the balance out of the field that leads you to face your profession more positively.”