Serie a, Napoli-Lecce, because the referee gives penalty on Owned and should not be to Var

The episode from the serie a, is discussed in the course of Napoli-Lecce happen to the 25° of shooting with the red carpet leading 2-1 (the final result will be 3-2 for the team, Liverani). Surgery Donated on Owned by a few steps from the port is deemed by the referee Giua adjust so much to punish the attacker Polish with a yellow card for simulation. Even the interview with the contributor to the Var (Gap) is to change the idea to the race director: “I decided to do it”, you can tell from the sores and leaves you continue the game.

Penalty on Owned? The referee show him the yellow card for simulation

What happened in the penalty area of Lecce? Why Owned it takes the yellow card when also from the images it seems clear, the touch of the player salentino? The decision of the referee is instant and without any hesitation. Shortly after the fall of the tip in the small area of the giallorossi from puglia is known as the referee, Giua, whistles immediately the punishment in favor of the guests by pulling out the yellow card. According to his version, in fact, the blue would have accentuated the movement to the hunting of the penalty. From a different perspective of the images we note, however, as, in fact, some Donated and Owned us both.

Silent check with the Var, Giua, confirmed the decision

Before the whizzing of the shot of the game spends a few minutes. Giua – which in the meantime has already taken steps to admonish Owned – has a quick interview with the Abyss (the referee that is located in the control booth of the Var), but does not come back on its own decision or decides to go to review in the replayer in the field of the development of the action and what actually happened. Still a few seconds, then the same Giua – remained in the vicinity of the small area of Lecce – reiterates that this is punishment, and calls on the edge of the salento, to return to the game. A mockery of the Naples protest, uselessly, on the sidelines of a game and a disappointing performance.