Series a, 38th day Atalanta-Milan 0-1, la moviola: maehle and broke on theo hernandez in the area, there is rigor

Contrasts to the limit, assigned or denied rhegories, unflavored failures and cards deserved or not. Here’s all that happened in the current game at the “gewiss stadium” in bergamo. Rankings and resultsgasperini series: “Milan and the 12 staff?

Us less good at taking them” 22/01/2021 at 14:07the live moviola of Atalanta-Milan (Marian referee)38’ leao stretched out as a break, protests milan! Rafael leao in the trequarti dell’Atalanta bets and jumps broke and then falls to the ground claiming a contact and a foul of the Argentine. On a verticalization of diaz, theo hernandez becomes a rigour area and is contrasted by both maehle and by breaking, ending on the ground.

Marian is close to action and immediately indicates the floppy. Right decision because, if it is true that I break a pig on the defender, even maehle with the slipped tackle intervenes on hernandez’s leg. Gasperini, inviperito in the bench for the whistle of the referee, you get a yellow sign for protests.

Pioli: “Milan stronger than everyone except the interior”series at Atalanta-Milan, the officers: Leao centrivanti, murael in the bench 2 hours ago