Series a – Inter-Sassuolo 2-1 reportlets: Lukaku leader, hakimi tired

Inter-Sassuolo, recovery of the 28th series day on stage at the stadium Giuseppe half a thousand, ended with the score of 2-1 . With this result the inter of count rises at altitude 71 points (at +11 on the milan,) while the sassuolo of roberto de zerbi remains at altitude 40 points. lukaku and lautaro nets for the Nerazzurri, a traoré sign for the blackberries.

The posters of the interiorsamir handanovic 6 – inexperienced because the sassuole concludes little. Skriniar in front of him is imbued, unconscious on the coarse goal. Series at Inter-Sassuolo, moviola: de vrij holds raspadori, was rigor 2 hours agomilan skriniar 6.5 – emblematic rescue on boga.

Is centered in full face several times and laughs. Stefan de vrij 6 – risks causing a rigour for holding on shaves. Matteo darmian 6.5 – does not regret sticks, good evidence also in a role not his.

Achraf hakimi 5 – he would have prairies in front of him, but he does not exploit them. The head goal touched in the start would be served to give him confidence. Nicolò stretcher 6.5 – good work behind, closing on boga and when moving in the middle.

Very useful at the most delicate moment with heroic escapes in the other half field. Admonished, he was distrusted and will jump the race against his former team: The rogue. Director’s work pays at times with precise steps but without brilliant ideas for the offensive phase (from 59′ stefano sense 6 – a good entrance.

Roberto gagliardini 5.5 – ordered, participates in both stages making worth a good athletic condition. His rhythms, however, are too blandi (from 70′ matias vecino 5.5 – he has no wrinkle and clarity of the best times. Ashley young 6.5 – first time very positive with sgroppate and assist, like that for the 1-0 lukaku.

In the shooting falls and does not close on the occasion of 1-2 of the sassuole. Romaelu lukaku 7.5 – great aerial twist on the goal of 1-0, sacrifice for the team and assists for lautaro on 2-0. the unconcised tears of the comrades should be counted. Lautaro martinez 7 – acts as an offensive director, opening on the goal of 1-0 is remarkable.

There is also the signature of the bull on the escape (from 77′ alexis sanchez 5.5 – could close the game. Antonio count 6.5 – tired team as in the last ocites but management is careful and materializes thus a fundamental advantage in the race to the shield. Lautaro martinez esulta, Inter-Sassuolo, images at 2020-21, getty credit photo getty imagesthe sassuol’s postersgorea council 6 – does not make great parades, does its without being able to oppose the two Nerazzurri networks.

Jeremy toljan 5.5 – suffers young and leaves too much space on the 1-0.vlad chiriches 5 – evil on lukaku, late on lautaro. In the start the ball bounces him on the arm but it is an involuntary intervention. Rogerio 5.5 – in its case the arm is rather wide but unbridled does not give rigor.

Does not make a great contribution in the two stages. Hamed junior traore’ 6.5 – a great goal to crown a test to remember. Great boga ball in the first time, assist per traoré in the shooting.

Jeremie boga 5.5 – does not take advantage of a good opportunity in the first fraction. Asks for rigor on the skriniar restraint, it is not listened. Roberto de zerbi 6 – sassuolo in campo with so many defection for that wise choice and only to be respected in times of covid.

Yet, possession is always the trademark and is also unlucky in key episodes. Shut up and pedal”series at Lukaku-Lautaro: the inter centered the long shield, 2-1 4 hours ago