Series a, the posters of Turin-Parma 1-0: ansaldi mvp, gervinho ever in match

Torino-parma, match valid for the 34th day of series a, ends 1-0 for the hosts . Not beautiful match, but brought deservedly to home by the grenades, who attack and pass in the shooting thanks to the goal of vojvoda on ansaldi assists. Torino that climbs at 34 in the standings, at +3 on the retrocession zone with an extra game to recover.

Nothing to save for the guests, who simply raise white flag and accept to the mathematical retrocession. ==========================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================savior sirigu 5.5 – not very sure about ocitis. Three-point gold set for the torino, parma retrocesso in b 3 hours agoarming izzo 5.5 – sometimes in difficulty on cornelius and on kucka insertions.

Nicolas nkoulou 6.5 – of head is unsurpassed. Leaves the crumbs to a cornelius however in good shape. Bremer 6 – sufficient game for bremer, which oa the physicist at best every time it is in difficulty.

Mërgim vojvoda 6.5 – on its band plays pezzella, the most in the form of the crusaders. However he does his, he fights and sets the first goal in series a.sasa lukic 5.5 – the most difficult department today is certainly the midfield, which struggles to create game especially in the first part of the race. Tomas rincon 5.5 – loses balloons, loses contrasts, does not convince.

Base 6 daniele – plays from half a wing more than from trequartista. Cristian ansaldi 7 – on the band plays a great game. Takes a cross, does the axist for the goal by jumping two players.

Antonio sanabria 6 – less incisive of the ward partner, however does its in attack with some interesting blows of headgorea belotti 6.5 – usual test of substance. Also creates some good chance, with a canceled goal and a hit pole. The goal, however, once again, does not come.

Nicola davide 6.5 – the bull pays the tension at the beginning of the result. He brings home the match and that’s what matters. Vojvoda esulta per la goal in Torino-Parma – serie a 2020/2021 – getty credit images foto getty images==========================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================5 – continues in his moment of disgrace.

Even today I’m insecure, little precise. Laurini 6 – one of the best, practically perfect, up to the percussion of ansaldi on the occasion of the goal (from the 75′ maxime busi 5.5 – enters but pushes with the dropper. ) Brown alves 6.5 – he hadn’t played for three months, but he gets ready.

Sin, if he had always played so in season, the defense parma would have shattered much less. He also plays a lady game until the time of the goal. Hernani 6 – plays in all midfield positions and responds sufficiently whenever it is called into question.

5.5 fat tree – a few ledges in the midfield, but it still shows too little. (from 75′ juan brunette 4.5 – always seems a foreign player to the game. Gaston brugman 6.5 – try to take in hand the attack maneuver by sorting balloons on the bands.

He manages to do so until he has to leave the field for injury. (from 31′ jasmin kurtic 5 – enter and the parma lowers too much, ending to cash too much. ) Juraj kucka 5.5 – pushes, fights and puts all the heart possible.

Today simply does not play. Andreas cornelius 6.5 – puts his physicality at the service of the team. He misses the leash under the door, but still positive his proof.

Not perfect in defense, does not punish in attack. The ducal team honors the match, but also today it simply manifests all its limits of a season to say little skilful. Fantacalcio: the tips for the 34th series dayseries in Turin-Parma: likely formations and statistics 30/04/2021 at 08:09