Series b – salernitana ok, but balotelli keeps the monza for the a; reggiana and fishing in c

Ascoli-Cittadella 2-0 [39′ büchel (a) 45’+4 bajic (a))Come on. Brescia-Pisa 4-3 [9′ marin (p,) 18, ‘ 65′ and 82′ ayé (b,) 52′ rig. A. donnarumma (b,) 68′ rig.

De vitis (p,) 86’ sibilli (p)series b salernitana and monza esultano: gran bagarre for the 2nd place 04/05/2021 to 17:44Come on. Cosenza-Monza 0-3 [73′ balotelli (m,) 82′ d’errico (m,) 88′ diaw (m)Come on. Pendants (c,) 63′ nardi (c,) 72′ valania (c))Come on.

Frosinone-Vicenza 1-1 [74′ vandeputte (v,) 76′ brignola (f)Come on. Lecce-Reggina 2-2 [7′ edera (r,) 14′ and 16′ stepinski (l,) 27′ montalto (r))Come on. Esposito (s,) 64′ varone (s,) 68′ strefezza (s)Come on.

Salernitana-Empoli 2-0 [32′ bogdan (s,) 93′ anderson (s))Salernitana-Empoli, series b 2020-2021: luka bogdan (salernitana) celebrated after the goal of the momentary 1-0 (getty images) credit photo getty imagesCome on. Roundabouts, along with chievo and spal (both victorious) climbs to 53 and will give rise to an exciting final rush for the performance of the last two playoff places. Pisa ahead with marin: the Romanian, who likes the curly, slumps at 9′ after a triangulation with sibilli.

The pisa, at 64, wasted the opportunity of possible 2-2: pajac retains sibilli but mastinu, from the floppy, the conclusion is made by joronen. Ayé, then, on the line of door scaraventa in the door, at 82, the ball of the 4-2 for the band pep clotet. The monza, at altitude 64, will host the brescia, hunting for a playoff place.

In case of arrival at the same points, the second place will be of the formation of broccoes, in advantage on the bells of castors (still blocked by covid and replaced by the second bocchini) in the direct clashes. Flop: reggiana and pescaraagony ended at 90′ from the end both for the alvini band and for that of fatadonia. The dolphin, instead, collapses to the zini (and in the third series after 11 years) against a cremonese of myster pecchia in large dust and victorious for 3-0.

Things to do in points 35, pordenone (0-0) in venezia at 42: will there be playouts? In that case, just a pigeon and stuff will meet again in double terms in the shooting. Sparkling race from the beginning: 7′ pass, and the amrantos go ahead.

So, at 16,’ the Polish ex Chievo and hellas verona, shoves in tap in after an extraordinary solo of tail. The bra takes on 2-2 with a network in photocopy: rigoberto ribas escapes to lucioni and engages gabriel in ocita. On the rejected, however, mounted cannot fail at empty door.

In the second half, too much tension in the Salento house, waiting for good news from the other fields: the 2-2, then, will no longer change. From the refugee camp to Romeb l’empoli is in a, 2 years later: mancuso, dionisi and a perfect group 04/05/2021 to 15:15